Belief Home

Building a place for orphans to THRIVE









We have started construction on Belief Home, the new children’s home for Rising Star orphanage!

I met Mama V and her orphans in Ghana a small country in west Africa. I was amazed at how well these kids were doing. They are happy, well fed, clean, well dressed, and smart! Every one of them goes to school at Mama V’s insistence. And unlike many of the orphanages I have experienced this one was brimming with love.

When I asked Mama V what I could do to help her continue to do the amazing job she was doing with these children, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought she would ask me for a building. I thought some food, or clothes or maybe something a bit bigger but NEVER an entire building. The home they are currently living in is Mama V’s ancestral home, built in 1842, made of mud and wood it is literally crumbling around them. And if this building crumbles so do the lives of all the children who live there, they will all end up back on the street, alone and vulnerable.

Surprisingly the things I thought would be the hardest worked themselves out immediately. Within a week I met Stacy and Johnbull with City of Refuge Ministries and with their help we have everything in place to start building a new children's home. We have the land, we have the building plans, the permits, even a foreman to work on the project, we just need the money. For just $100,000 we can build a building to support generations of children. So little can do so much to change so many lives.

To date we have raised just over $35,000 but that is not enough to finish the home.  We have started building on the belief that the rest of the money will come.   This is where you enter the story of their lives.  You can be their miracle.