30% fees - Is Snap-Raise worth it?

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30% fees - Is Snap-Raise worth it?

Snap! Raise is best known for helping youth clubs, teams, and organizations to raise money. However, it might be even better known for its 30% fees. Are they worth it?

What’s Snap! Raise?

Snap! Raise is a 28-day fundraising platform built for youth teams. More than 40,000 teams, groups, and clubs throughout all 50 states have trusted Snap! Raise for their fundraising needs. Snap! Raise’s success is in pairing teams with a Snap! Raise sales rep who takes on the simple logistics of creating an online fundraising campaign. To motivate students and give coaches “back their time,” Snap! Raise also offers incentives such as personalized team gear, participation prizes, sponsored gear, leadership resources, and championship banners. 

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I want to run a one-off fundraiser or use a personalized system that grows with my team over time?
  • Does my team only run this one fundraiser or do we also collect donations year-round?
  • Do I want my fundraising system to allow me to sell tickets, collect dues, and process other payments?

Let’s break down these fundraising concerns and more.

Snap! Raise Pricing

Snap! Raise prides itself on its “no upfront fees.” That’s great, but why aren’t prices listed on their website? Snap! Raise argues on its website that its “pricing parameters are always clearly communicated to group leaders before fundraiser launch.” If that’s the case, you might wonder why hundreds of people are complaining about Snap! Raise’s complete lack of transparency and are surprised to find high fees at the end of their campaigns.

What are Snap-Raise’s fees?

After a lot of digging, you will learn that with Snap! Raise:

  • Your group will keep 77% of the funds received IF you achieved 70% participation.
  • If participation is below 70%, your group will keep 70% of the funds received.
  • Participation % = Number of participants receiving one donation, divided by the current roster size.
  • 3% of the service fee goes towards credit card processing.

In other words, fees are not transparent (to teams and donors), per-transaction payments are over 25%, and an average campaign keeps 70% or less.

Compare that to an alternative like Givebutter, where per-transaction fees under 5% (4.9% + 30¢/transaction + $0/month). Givebutter makes these fees transparent to donors when they are making a donation with the option to over the fee for the team. Which is why over 95% of donors cover fees cover them, and how the average campaign keeps 99.5% - the highest in the industry. Even GoFundMe’s fees are dramatically lower than Snap! Raise’s. 

How is this possible? Well, for Snap! Raise to quickly scale its company it invests in its sales and training program costs, which, frankly, comes out of your pocket. Givebutter takes a more cost-effective digital approach to invest in the product and community so that you pay less an arm and a leg in fees.

So, Snap! Raise may appear to save you time, but it certainly won’t retain your school group’s money. (To see a side-by-side comparison of Givebutter and Snap! Raise, click here.)

Snap! Raise Features

Now, you might be wondering... saving 30% in fees is okay with me, but how can I be sure I’ll achieve the same results?

Snap! Raise’s fundraising pages are mostly well-equipped to help you raise funds, which is good. They include trackable team pages, video support, a secure platform, and ways for you to email, text, and share on social media about your fundraiser. However, Snap! Raise is missing a number of key features that drive both short and long-term fundraising success.

While the ‘set it and forget it’ mentality is certainly appealing, in the end, it isn’t effective when it comes to building a sustainable community of support for your team. The same is true in the nonprofit world. A nonprofit can’t set up a fundraising page on its website, and hope donors search them out, click the ‘donate’ button, and make a financial contribution. It’s asking too much, especially in today’s world of constant distraction. Nonprofits have to find the right donors (people who care about the mission and their connection to it) and communicate to engage them. At the very least, to continue the conversation, nonprofits should always follow-up with a ‘thank-you’ to ensure the relationship is strong enough for next year’s ‘ask.’ 

A key feature missing from Snap! Raise is a better all-around user experience. The donation pages are okay, but they don’t include live supporter feeds. Something like this allows you to share stories and encouraging messages with pictures, GIFs, and drawings to draw more attention. Check out this example of a live supporter feed. Live feeds make it fun for youth and young adults to participate in the fundraising because as you’ll see, it looks and feels a lot like social media. The more fun it is for them, the more likely they are to participate. And the more they participate, the less work it will be for parents and coaches.

Another feature that’s missing from Snap! Raise’s user experience is a more personalized customized donation form. With Snap! Raise, you can collect one-time donations, but that’s about it. Raise’s fundraising solution is not fully optimized to where you can customize theme colors, donation amounts, automatic receipts, or embed it right into a website. With an alternative like Givebutter, you can do all those things and more! See how. Snap! Raise can securely accept one-time credit card payments, but does not integrate with Apple Pay, Venmo, or text-to-give. (Psst, did you know Givebutter is the only fundraising platform to integrate with Venmo?) Plus, on Snap! Raise, you can’t collect monthly gifts because the campaign disappears in 28-days.

Finally, Snap! Raise is missing event ticketing and event pages from its platform. Events can be a really important aspect of a team’s fundraising strategy. If you use Snap! Raise and want to have an event to boost your campaign, you would need to find another platform altogether and then keep track of both, which is not very efficient.

Long-Term Fundraising Success?

Youth coaches in search of a fundraising platform who are genuinely concerned about fundraising goals will ask: what about next year? If the fundraising platform you use last year is useful to next year, it could save your team hundreds and thousands of dollars for years to come. That’s a good investment! Finding a platform that’s effective to set-up, use, and engage supporters is vital to the overall financial commitment. After all, why invest in a fundraising platform with cheap fees when the product reflects that. Sure, you’d keep more, but you’d probably raise fewer funds, too. The key is finding an affordable fundraising platform that is high-quality for garnering more support.

Snap! Raise appears to be built for short-term fundraising success. Unlimited users or not, every time you start a Snap-Raise campaign, you are starting from scratch. All donor data will be lost. Starting from scratch not only costs you the time you thought you were saving but money, as well. It’s crucial that your team keeps track of which individuals raised funds, how much they raised, and which supporters donated last time. Snap! Raise does not make that easy to do in the long-game of raising funds for the sustainability of teams and programs. 

Nor does Snap! Raise offer a suite of tools that would be particularly useful for groups and teams. For example, the ability to invite and manage roles for unlimited members, receive paper checks in the mail (as well as bank or debit transfers), and integrate with thousands of third-party apps such as Mailchimp, Venmo, Quickbooks, Google Sheets, and more. These high-quality integrations make fundraising more effective in the long-run for growing teams, but unfortunately, they aren’t available with Snap! Raise.

Raise Better

So, are the 30% Snap! Raise fees worth it? You tell us: is possibly saving a few hours worth the lack of transparency, gimmick incentives, fewer dollars saved, and needing to reinvent the wheel next year?

If you are ready to help your youth organization save more of its money raised, look no further. Givebutter’s average campaign keeps 99.5% - the highest in the industry.

Get started!

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Written by
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