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This year has been a year of immense change...

and every step of the way we've risen to meet the challenges. One exciting change was CCATE's move into our own space in July, after 6 years of planning and striving as a community. The love and generosity of our partners, friends, volunteers, and community members have made this dream possible. Our new location has opened up numerous possibilities with space for us to grow and fulfill our vision. Now, each class will have its own space and our extensive gardens will allow us to celebrate our community, culture, and cultivate our environmental care programs. While our programs are running virtually, we have undertaken renovations on our space which will allow us to meet the needs of our programs now and in the future. We invite you to join us in celebrating this momentous achievement and support our efforts in settling into our permanent home.

We've identified two urgent needs:

  • The renovation of our building in order to meet the needs of our programs now and in the future
  • Direct aid for our community members impacted by COVID-19

We thank you for your support, and hope you'll be able to visit us at our new location very soon!


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26 supporters

$30,000 goal

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EIN 26-2987850