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Hello! On June 6th, I will be doing what I swore I would never be doing, competing in a spelling bee. And we all know my handwriting is short of nothing but chicken scratch so lets hope my spelling is not doomed for the same ineligibility.

Why am I doing this? Because of the organization behind the event, CCHP and what better way to mark my one year employment than putting my brain power (and ego) on the line in front of peers and co-workers! But on a more personal note,  many of you may know that I began my journey as a social worker to work specifically in the substance abuse field after seeing and witnessing the impact that substance abuse can have on loved ones and families and I envisioned my work to be a part of a cause that is working to change the way in which America criminalizes, vilifies, degrades, penalizes and abandons those that struggle with addiction. Luckily I found CCHP and I have had the privilege in the last year of working specifically with mother's, expectant women and women at CCHP's "Pregnant Addicted and Addicted Mothers" program providing harm reduction services to those facing not only facing opiate addiction but co-occurring mental health disorders and copious systemic obstacles such as poverty, incarceration, unemployment or underemployment, housing instability, and a multitude of prejudices, stigmas and marginalization. 

CCHP is more than a community health center, it's a safe space for our patients to get the type of quality care that they deserve. Overall, we provide over 3,000 individuals and their families with essential healthcare services that include primary care, substance use and mental health treatment.

Please join me and CCHP in continuing to help individuals, families and communities impacted by substance abuse! So please donate! Donate, anything you can! 100% of the donations will go to the patients and cause at CCHP!  

And if you are in the NYC area, I recommend coming to the Spelling Bee ($50 donation), and watch me make my spelling debut (or if you dare, compete against me). There's an amazing live band, comedy, food and an open bar from 7 - 8pm (not too shabby for $50).

Thank you all so much!


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We Bee Spelling for CCHP

Thursday at 6:30 PM EDT

In Person

Add to Calendar 2019-06-06 18:30:00 America/New_York We Bee Spelling for CCHP $50 includes entry to the night's festivities, hors d'oeuvre, and a 1 hour open bar from 7 - 8 PM DROM<br>85 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009, USA

$50 includes entry to the night's festivities, hors d'oeuvre, and a 1 hour open bar from 7 - 8 PM


About the Center for Comprehensive Health Practice

Located in East Harlem, the Center for Comprehensive Health Practice (CCHP) integrates high quality primary care, substance use treatment, behavioral health and supportive services all under one roof, in order to provide family-focused, affordable, community healthcare.

At CCHP, we are “your family’s home for a lifetime of care.” We believe in comprehensive family-focused care as an invaluable tool in improving the health and well-being of our patients.  

What is We Bee Spelling?

We Bee Spelling is what happens when you mash up a late night variety show and a spelling bee. There's a live house band, comedian hosts and games that get progressively more ridiculous as the competition unfolds. Fifteen contestants are put to the test, but everyone in the audience has a say in the game by playing a "SABOTAGE" and forcing contestants to spell their words backwards, take a mystery shot or deal with a number of other distractions while trying to spell. 

It's the wackiest spelling bee you've ever seen and the best part is, it's all for a good cause! 

Here's a little taste of what to expect.

And the best part? The event is a fundraiser supporting  CCHP! All of the contestants are raising money on this page to benefit CCHP! Pick a speller to support (click their icon), buy tickets and/or make a donation to help them reach their fundraising goal. Then come out on June 6th at Drom to cheer them on, laugh with/at them and have a party with us! 

How Does Fundraising Work?

We Bee Spelling makes fundraising very simple. Each speller has their own fundraising page on our event site. Once you create your page, copy and paste the custom URL and share it via social media, email, text to friends, family, coworkers and your extended networks. Push for people to donate for tickets AND to contribute even if they can't make it. People all over will love that you want to turn your good time into good for others! When people make donations and buy tickets on your page, you'll be credited. And there's an incentive to raise the most money!

What's Included with Your Ticket?

Not only do you get entry to the craziest spelling bee you've ever seen, but you also get to participate in a 1 hour open bar,  free appetizers, laugh and dance to the funky tunes of The Funky Dawgz Brass Band. All while supporting the great work of CCHP! 

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180 supporters

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