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Alana Boyles

Roots & Shoots

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Alana is a Givebutter Changemaker - an elite group of young movers and shakers around the world that inspire those around them to give back through the incredible work that they do for others. Learn more about Changemakers.


Alana Boyles is a senior at the University of Tampa pursuing a Marine Science and Biology double major with minors in Chemistry, English, Environmental Science, and Leadership. She is the Founder and President of Roots & Shoots, a youth-driven conservation and sustainability organization, and the Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement and the founder or the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology. When she's not doing research or feeding critters in the Biology labs or acting as campus-wide senator in Student Government, Alana can be found tapping out a groove during Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, and her insipid Monday morning class. She likes poetry, photography, and cheese and is an aspiring vegetarian. When she grows up, Alana wants to become a mermaid and save the Great Barrier Reef from environmental disaster.


What does giving mean to you?
A selfless action with no personal benefit in mind.

Who in your life most inspires you and why?
My Grandfather & Mother, for all the odds they overcame and the grace and dignity that come naturally to them in their daily lives; Dr.s Jane Goodall & Sylvia Earle, for being fantastic role models for all womyn in science, starting amazing foundations (Jane Goodall Institute/Roots & Shoots and Mission Blue respectively) that promote conservation, and for using their passion to ignite the passion in others.

What is the best advice you've ever received?
You never know until you ask.

What is your greatest achievement to date?
Creating a chapter of Roots & Shoots at the University of Tampa and seeing all the students we have inspired and all the community members we have helped through our service learning projects.

Describe yourself in five words.
Passionate, Loyal, Obstinate, Creative, Adventurous.

What does the Givebutter movement mean to you?
It means spreading the Butter! a.k.a. spreading the mission and values of Givebutter and the genius idea the three co-founders had to inspire their peers to make giving a part of their lives. The Givebutter Movement means positive action to lend a hand creating a better future.