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Brock Johnson

Triangle fraternity

$10 raised • 1 campaign


Brock is a Givebutter Changemaker - an elite group of young movers and shakers around the world that inspire those around them to give back through the incredible work that they do for others. Learn more about Changemakers.


I'm a student and employee at the University of Kentucky where I'm studying architecture. I'm in Triangle fraternity, a social fraternity for engineers, architects, and scientist. I'm passionate about social media, food, being successful, and of course cheering on the Wildcats! Go Big Blue!


What does giving mean to you?
To me, giving means lending my abilities to help someone achieve success.

Who in your life most inspires you and why?
My mother is my biggest inspiration. Coming from a small town with simple values she never ceases to amaze me with her wisdom. She pours her heart into each task she's handed and exceeds all expectations.

What is the best advice you've ever received?
Everything will be okay in the end, you just have to trust yourself, and god.

What is your greatest achievement to date?
Being nominated as the Daggerman for the Sorority, Kappa Delta.

Tell us more about your fraternity and involvement with community service.
Being so involved with the community and my fraternity I've decided to use Givebutter to help raise money/awareness a local dance marathon. Each participant in this 24 hour dance marathon has to raise a certain amount of money, and that directly goes to pediatric oncology and hemotology research. By using my campaign, fundraising has become a lot more coherent and has helped spread the word about Givebutter!

Describe yourself in five words.
Passionate, sassy, hardworking, cherry, wise.

What does the Givebutter movement mean to you?
The Givebutter movement holds the idea that everyone is in need of something, and I strive to do what I can to help them get there.