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Catherine Grey

Domestic Violence Awareness


Catherine is a Givebutter Changemaker - an elite group of young movers and shakers around the world that inspire those around them to give back through the incredible work that they do for others. Learn more about Changemakers.


Hi my name is Cat and I am a second year mechanical engineering student from Los Angeles, CA currently enrolled at Georgia Tech..At Tech, I am the Vice President of Public Relations of Georgia Tech's chapter of Best Buddies as well I am an active member in Alpha Chi Omega. On the rare chance I have free time I love to do photography  and  relax outside in the sun. 

Q & A 

Tell us more about your involvement with this cause or organization.  

I first got involved with Domestic Violence Awareness when I got to college. I quickly learned how many people are affected by domestic violence around me and that I never quite understood what domestic violence was until given an explanation by an individual affected. This organization is important to me because it is a hard topic to talk about. Bringing it up to friends and family around me usually makes them feel uncomfortable, which is why it is so important to do so anyway. To help I have raised awareness with my Sorority for Domestic Violence  in our school. As well I have gone to a local domestic violence shelter taking care of some of the kids and families affected by domestic violence. Raising money for the families' new beginnings has been a major effort as well. 

Tell us about yourself. 

I am a second year mechanical engineering student from Los Angeles, CA currently studying at Georgia Tech. At Georgia Tech I am the Vice President of Public Relations of Best Buddies, an active member of both Alpha Chi Omega, and an organization called College of Engineering Champions, which presents to local schools about STEM majors and opportunities. I am also a KNIT Mentor for freshman students helping them adjust to life at Tech, and conduct research in a biomechanics lab on campus looking into the specific properties of birds. On the rare chance that I have free time, I love photography and relaxing outside in the sun. 

Who in your life most inspires you and why?

My sister, because life has beaten down on her so much over the years but she always finds a way to pick herself up and continue dreaming about the next day to come.

What is the best advice you've ever received?

Don't dream it. Be it. 

What is your greatest achievement to date?

My freshman year of college I got the opportunity to work on a research project. This project was tasked with creating a prototype waste management system for the NASA Poop Challenge. I helped to create a proposal and a 3D modeled prototype for the challenge. Our team of 5 students and faculty was a Semi Finalist out of over 5,000 entries. 

Describe yourself in three words.

Hard working, caring, honest.

What does giving mean to you?

To give is to do something for someone else or something else without expecting anything in return. Giving simply because I want to help or be involved or just because it is the right thing to do and not expect or need anything or any recognition for those efforts.