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Madeleine Gazzolo

New Horizons Domestic Violence Services


Madeleine is a Givebutter Changemaker - an elite group of young movers and shakers around the world that inspire those around them to give back through the incredible work that they do for others. Learn more about Changemakers.


Maddie is a junior at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. She is the Philanthropy Chair for Rho Epsilon Pi Sorority, and has enjoyed fundraising and working on projects for local organizations. With Rho Ep, Maddie has helped to raise hundreds of dollars each semester for a local women's shelter. Maddie especially enjoys fundraising through bake sales, because baking is one of her favorite hobbies, and who doesn't wanna buy a delicious cookie for a good cause!?


What does giving mean to you?
Giving means dedicating your time, resources, and voice to people (or animals or places or another cause!) who need these things, without expecting something in return.

Who in your life most inspires you and why?
My parents - they have helped me realize that you don't need to sacrifice kindness, generosity, or creativity in order to be successful.

What is the best advice you've ever received?
From my Mom: while others are talking, don't just think about what you are going to say next. Really listen to the talking person. Not only will that person appreciate your consideration, but you will gain more from the conversation.

What is your greatest achievement to date?
Training to be a professional dancer, while still attending high school and keeping up my grades! That experience has taught me the importance of disciple and commitment.

Tell us more about New Horizons Domestic Violence Services.
New Horizons Domestic Violence Services provides support and shelter for survivors of domestic abuse in/around the area of Middletown, Connecticut. Rho Ep (my sorority, of which I am Philanthropy Chair) has been donating to New Horizons for several years, and one of our ongoing projects is building "care packages" for the women using the shelter. Most women come to the shelter with little to nothing - because they are fleeing domestic abuse, they don't have time to grab the necessities. Our sorority has fundraisers to donate toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, Gatorade, energy bars, and other essentials for the women at New Horizons.

Describe yourself in five words.
Energetic, friendly, restless, assertive, curious!

What does the Givebutter movement mean to you?
The movement allows people's generosity and passion to drive fundraising, and facilitates a more straightforward fundraising process. Givebutter appreciates - and develops - the giving power of changemakers, and inspires this power in others.