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Sophia Gervasio

Rhode Island Hospital


Sophia is a Givebutter Changemaker - an elite group of young movers and shakers around the world that inspire those around them to give back through the incredible work that they do for others. Learn more about Changemakers.


I'm a sophomore full-time student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute studying Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering in hopes to design prosthetics one day. I'm incredibly outgoing, love planning events, and my favorite food is any form of potatoes. My absolute favorite thing to do (and I highly suggest it) is to meet new people by attending as many meetings, conferences, and events as possible!

Q & A

What does giving mean to you?

Holding a hand out to anyone and everyone around you. Everyone has dilemmas, whether big or small, and can always use extra support. All you have to do is look around and make that change!

Who in your life most inspires you and why?

My father is my biggest hero. It wasn't until I moved to college that I realized how much he gives to our entire family, close friends, our community, and even complete strangers. As one of the most sarcastic and stubborn people I know, he was able to teach me to be open-minded, inclusive, and a diligent worker. I look up to his hard work and dedication as he truly impacts every person he meets, according to their needs in any and every way that he can.

What is the best advice you've ever received?

"Some people feel the rain, and others just get wet" ~ Basically, life goes on, so LIVE it! Your perception and experiences all depend on your perspective and energy, so don't let life slide by before it's too late to see what it has to offer.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

I applied to my dream company for a co-op and was given an outstanding offer for next semester! I'm a known leader on campus and hope to impact and inspire those around me through my accomplishments.

Tell us more about your future career aspirations.

I have been amazed at the medical devices in the world today and the changes that they've made in various lives. A simple thought becomes a real physical thing and its amazing to think that I can actually save lives. In hopes of a future patent, I will make a difference in this world however I can.

Describe yourself in five words.

Energetic, creative, relatable, inspired, determined.

What does the Givebutter movement mean to you?

An organization FOR students, BY students. A change is being made and WE are the leaders! Givebutter is changing minds and lives for the better. I can't believe I've had the opportunity to watch it flourish from the start and will get to continue to spread the butter as far as we can. One community becomes one love. It's the innovation of inspiration that we all needed to see in order to realize our potential.