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Celebrate a woman you love this International Women's Day by giving a gift to girl's education in her name!

90% of your donation directly funds girls education worldwide. Circle of Women is a fast-growing, innovative non-profit run entirely by student volunteers. One educated girl affects her community, and her community effects a world of change.

There are 130 million girls worldwide who are not expected to ever enter a classroom. Two thirds of those who are illiterate in the world are women. Without an education, these women will never be able to dictate the terms of their own lives and transform their communities. But these statistics don't have to define reality forever. With your help, we can change the world, one girl at a time.

Since we were founded by a three college students in their dorm room, Circle of Women has funded active, sustainable secondary schools across nine different countries: Afghanistan, India, Kenya, Malawi, Pakistan, Tanzania, Peru, Uganda, and Guatemala. Circle works with local community members and analyzes education and national trends to find high-impact, sustainable projects to support. This year, we're excited to bring technology to girl's secondary education and to continue growing towards our goal of giving all girls the opportunity of education. Read below to learn about three of our in-progress projects which your donations directly support!

Project Sacred Valley, Peru

The Sacred Valley region is in the southern, Andean region of Peru which is home to 300,000-400,000 people, many of whom are of Incan descent, live in rural “hill villages,” and speak only Quechua despite the fact that the majority of public schools and many jobs require a command of Spanish. Those in the rural Andes face significant challenges to reach the closest secondary school. Girls in this region also face an average of a 2-9 mile walk between school and home every day. Girls’ local graduation rate from secondary school of only 40%. 

Project Pakistan

Currently, no higher secondary schools exist for girls in the immediate region of our proposed project. With no such education, those young women are barred from government employment, nursing, and university-level education among other opportunities. Education is one of the responsibilities most neglected by the Pakistani Government, which invests only 2.5% of its GDP in the school system. This is a gendered crisis, as there is a 20 percentage point difference in enrollment in higher secondary school of boys compared to girls. Infrastructure for schools for women are essential to economic and social development of the nation. 

Project Seseme, Uganda

In Uganda, 50% of girls between 15-24 years old are illiterate and 80% of girls in Uganda do not attend secondary school. Seseme Girls' Secondary School is located in Kisoro, Uganda on the border of both Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2017, after a season of heavy rains, the latrines available to the students of Seseme collapsed. Since then, the girls at Seseme have been going to the bathroom on the side of the road. Their safety, their dignity, and their most basic rights have been compromised. Seseme is at a serious risk of losing students because of this situation. Seseme is the only school in the region that provides this quality education at a price that is affordable to the community. Circle will help Seseme continue to support the education and growth of the girls in Kisoro.

This International Women's Day, we'd love to ask you to imagine the world #10YearsFromToday, and imagine if girls everywhere could have the chance to go to school. Girls who have graduated from the schools we have funded have gone on to become educators, medical field professionals, and community leaders. Funding a girl's education today changes the world tomorrow.

Join us and Celebrate International Women's Day with a gift to girl's education!