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Welcome to the Climate Collaboratory!

We are individuals and organizations exploring new ways to cooperate, collaborate, and co-create new solutions for a world that works for all living things — that’s 100% of humanity and the community of life on Earth, our home.

Spotlight 2022: Alachua County, Florida
We’re shining a light on the people who are helping to make a world that works for all. Alachua County has a climate story to tell. In 2019-20, the City of Gainesville and Alachua County commissions declared a climate emergency. Countless individuals and organizations are living their own climate stories, responding to the social and environmental challenges of our time Our children are watching and learning from us. They want to be involved in making a world that works for all.

Our arts-based collaborative storytelling adventure invites young people to take the lead on the Road to 2030, 2050 and Beyond. Month by month, they develop scenes of “Climate Collaboratory: The Musical,” to be produced for Earth Day in April. Adults and elders support them in a community-wide climate conversation-to-action program. They provide needed human, material and spiritual resources for intergenerational collaboration on the social and environmental challenges of our time.

Join us on the Road to 2030, 2050 and Beyond. We have a Blueprint for a Better Future. We’re building a World House where we can all get along. We’re planting Seed Ideas in the Gardens of Global Unity, where all things are possible.


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EIN 13-4129493