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No Shave November 2020

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Kristen Ostrowski

Fundraiser since Nov 2020

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Kristen Ostrowski's Story

The "C" word has been apart of my life for over a decade... in so many different ways.

My father in law, Jim, passed away from lung cancer in 2017 after a courageous battle. 

Then, my dad/my best friend, Eddie, passed away from esophageal cancer on December 22, 2019. I had my dad for 29 years and though I feel that my time with him was cut extremely short... 

I then think about my best friend Jeneen who lost her son, Isaias to cancer at 10 years old.  

I was the event organizer for the Relay for Life in the Naugatuck Valley for 10  years. When I started, I knew only one person with cancer... and at the end of my 10 years - I had met thousands... and many were children.

I volunteered at Yale's pediatric oncology unit on the weekends... I saw the smiles, tears, and laughter of those little precious faces as they were undergoing the most intense treatments and surgeries. They were so positive and always were so strong no matter the day they were having. I then saw the stress, defeat, and anger in the parents eyes as they were trying to stay strong for their little one after a long day. 

I never knew what to say... there isn't much to say, right? I have never been in their position and can't say "I get it" - So, I just "did" whatever I could to help... whether it was to open the playroom so the children could play for a little before they got tired, read a book to the children so their parents could close their eyes for a few minutes, played a game with the children so their parents could talk to the doctor and nurses about how their night went... Donated food, raised funds for the overflow of bills, sent inspirational cards, had a stuffed animal and toy drive, etc. with the rest of my "crew"!

NO parent... should ever have to hear the words, "your CHILD has cancer"

NO child... so innocent - should ever have to hear the words, "YOU have cancer"

I know times are tough right now... but, any donation at all will help a family that is going through the toughest time of their lives right now. Anything at all is appreciated and you can smile and know... YOU "did" what you could to help a family during their darkest of times. 

Thank you in advance for your support. F&#K cancer!


Police departments from across Connecticut are coming together to support Circle of Care for families of children with cancer for the second year in a row! No-Shave November is a month-long campaign in which participants typically forgo shaving in an effort to provoke conversation and raise cancer awareness. While "no-shave" may look a little different this year, with the need for face masks and other PPE among our officers in blue, we are incredibly grateful these departments are still choosing to support local families of children with cancer. Please consider donating to your favorite department to support their fundraising efforts this month.

BIG thank you to Wilton PD for continuing this fundraiser through the month of December!

Participating Departments: 

Wilton Police Department

Bethel Police Department

Stamford Police Department

Danbury Police Department

Hartford Police Department

West Haven Police Department

Meriden Police Department

Hamden Police Department

New Haven Police Department

To learn more about how your donation will support local families of children with cancer, visit Circle of Care's website

Danbury PD in the news: https://news.hamlethub.com/dan...


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Campaign Ended


488 Supporters

95% of $35,000 goal

Circle of Care for families of children with cancer

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

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