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Donate today because no person should have to sit in jail simply because they cannot afford the cost of their release.


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Freedom for the Season 

Too often, people sit in jail without having been convicted of a crime; they simply cannot afford to be bailed out. This can result in missing school, work, and caring for loved ones. This holiday season, consider helping low-income residents stay home for the holidays by donating to the Denton Bail Fund.

Addressing the needs of low-income residents is a public safety issue: Holding people in jail while a pandemic is on the rise is particularly inhumane and creates a significant public health risk. Additionally, by spending money on pretrial detention, we miss opportunities to fund those services that folks need to survive, thrive, and create safer communities for all. Bail funds step up where governments refuse to act.

We need your support! Please donate so we will have funds available to help free more people.

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Thank you to everyone who has given what they can, your donations have already made a significant impact. 💜

About the Denton Bail Fund

The Denton Bail Fund is an all-volunteer collective of folks who believe that no one should be incarcerated simply because they cannot afford bail. We offer assistance to low-income residents on a case-by-case basis and are completely dependent on community support for funding.

For more information, visit our website at and for updates, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @dentonbailfund.



55 Supporters

53% of $5,000 goal

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