Support DePaul Derby Days: Chicago Public Schools Need Your Help!

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Did you know that only  8 out of every 100 Chicago public schools students will obtain a bachelors degree? 

In response, the Sigma Chi Lambda Omega chapter at DePaul University is proudly fundraising for the Chicago Public School system through a website called Donors Choose allows teachers to create their own personal pages, which allows them to request funds for their individual classroom projects and other needs that are not being met by the school districts. 

With your support, we can provide children the basic school supplies, athletic equipment for recess, scientific experiments equipment, and other necessary resources to give them the tools they need to be successful. 

Once our campaign ends on April 28th, we will begin allocating these funds out to as many projects as we can. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for making a difference for the future generation!

Click HERE to Learn More About our Mission!


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Thank you to Tyler Betancourt, Meredith Price, Matt Nelson, Sam Hollis, Alice Khechoyan, Servando Miranda, Wes Anderson, Maggie Kiernan, Jeremy Phelps, Margaux Rocha, & Cristina Vasquez for your support of CPS! I love you all!

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Great job to you all for fundraising so actively...really love seeing this community work so hard for something greater than themselves :) Love you guys and thanks so much for supporting AXID at Puzzle yesterday, made me sooo happy. See you all the the Yule Ball tonight!

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