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The sisters of the Gamma Beta chapter at the University of Tulsa are completely devastated by the injustice and violence occurring in the United States. This directly breaches the values and foundation that our fraternity was built upon - doing good, social and cultural responsibility, and authentic friendship. We firmly stand with the black community, those who are systematically oppressed, and all who are affected by the unjust deaths of George Floyd and more.

As a chapter, we feel the enormous obligation to act and support our local, Tulsa black community. We acknowledge that as sorority women, we have the privilege and influence to truly support and make an impact. The Black Wall Street Arts Nonprofit resides in the Greenwood District, where the horrific 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre occurred. This vibrant organization is led by Dr. Ricco Wright, who directs a “full service arts organization, housing a theatre company, a visual arts agency, a creative arts agency, an art gallery, and more.” They are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, but also equity and justice to hearing and valuing all oppressed voices. The sisters of Gamma Beta chapter are dedicating all donations and funds towards Black Wall Street Arts. Please consider giving to this local, inclusivity-based organization!

To our sisters, and non-members: We urge you to educate yourself, and advocate. Confront the everyday moments of racism and inequity. Sign petitions. Donate. Contact the local government. Vote. Reach out to loved ones and show support. We are sisters who have a deep, social responsibility to do better and love. We see you, we hear you, and we will never stop supporting you.

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Proud to be a DG from this chapter! ⚓️

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black art matters

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Champions for change❤️

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Black lives, voices, history, and art matter!

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