Diabetes Training Camp Foundation









Whether you want to learn a fitness program, tweak your exercise regime and diabetes management or take your triathlon and marathon training to a higher level, this camp has been designed with those goals in mind. Simply come ready to learn more, explore your potential and have a great time.

Matthew Corcoran M.D., CDE, and exercise specialist with the American College of Sports Medicine, has designed this program specifically for you. With a wealth of experience in Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and exercise/sports management, Corcoran brings a unique perspective to the medical management of diabetes and exercise. This camp fills a void, creating a clinical resource devoted to diabetes and exercise. 

We pride ourselves on putting theory into practice, and building an individualized diabetes management plan for you, as well as an individualized training plan to take you to the another level. We achieve this through lectures, workshops, training sessions and one-on-one counseling sessions with medical and coaching specialists. You will immediately put what you learn into practice. You will see a difference in your control and your performance. And, most importantly, you will develop bonds and friendships with others who are pushing themselves and taking control.Get Ready for a wide variety of training and fitness options to meet YOUR NEEDS.

Diabetes Training Camp has truly become a unique medium in which to deliver health care education and counseling. At Diabetes Training Camp you will be surrounded by a phenomenal team of people that aspires to help you achieve your fitness goals and athletic dreams.