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Donnie Shell Scholarship Foundation

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Your Donation Keeps Deserving Students College Dreams Alive

The Donnie Shell Scholarship Foundation was created by Donnie and Paulette Shell to fill in the financial gap for students attending South Carolina State University.

The DSSF assists academically gifted, deserving students from diverse economic circumstances. Many of these students do not have the financial means to attend college and are often denied the opportunity to develop their full potential. To help alleviate these crippling financial obstacles, the DSSF partners with South Carolina State University to support the Presidential Promise Scholarship Program.

Foundation Endowment Initiative

We need your philanthropic support to help expand our reach and resources to impact more lives through our endowment fund. There are future doctors, lawyers, engineers, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, and many other dynamic leaders that are in need of an advocate with your heart to make their dreams come true of becoming change makers for the next generation. 

Your Donation = A Greater Future for Students in Need

Why YOU should support the Donnie Shell Scholarship Foundation TODAY:

  1. Legacy of Hope
  2. Legacy of Empowerment
  3. Legacy of Financial Intelligence
  4. Legacy of Leadership

Your Contribution Today can impact deserving students to break generational obstacles and rise to their highest potential.

A gift of $75 contributes to: Covering Library Fees

A gift of $100 contributes to: Providing Health Services

A gift of $250 contributes to: Student Technology or Athletic Fees

A gift of $500 contributes to: PT Credit Hour for students that can afford to go FT

A gift of $1,000 contributes to: 21 Meals Per Week for 1 student

A gift of $2,500 contributes to: Covering books and supplies

A gift of $5,000 contributes to: Supporting the cost of Room/Board

A gift of $10,000 contributes to: Supporting the cost of Tuition for 1 student



1 supporters

$500,000 goal

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Donnie Shell Scholarship Foundation

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EIN 81-1079963