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The Discipleship Youth Retreat Team (DYRT)-- formerly the Diocesan Youth Retreat Team-- is celebrating one century of retreats! That is 100 retreats since the inception of DYRT in 2004. DYRT 100 is scheduled for February of 2022, and we hope for it to be a celebration of the servanthood, sacrifice, memories, and laughter that has made up the past 100 retreats. 

We need your help as we enter into a new century of retreats! Our work is far from over! There is always a new generation of youth who are longing for an encounter with the Lord. There are always going to parish without the resources to put on their own confirmation retreats for their youth. There is still a need for our DYRT in the Diocese of Lubbock and beyond. We can all think back to our times in middle school and high school, and the pressures we faced. Young people face even more secular pressure through the advent of social media. It is so important that we, as young people ourselves, minister to them, share our personal witnesses of Christ, and relay the message that our faith is not just for the old, but for every generation! For this reason, we have created the DYRT 100 campaign as a way to continue our ministry for years to come.

The DYRT 100 campaign will run from now until the DYRT 100 retreat in February. Donating to DYRT 100 helps us pay for our retreat costs such as reimbursement for gas as our staffers travel to retreat sites and the cost of supplies. The DYRT 100 campaign will help us pay for Staff Retreat, which is an opportunity for our staffers to fill their own cups so that they may overflow and they can better minister to the youth. A donation can also help us with bigger one-time costs such as a new projector, upgraded wireless microphones, and many more expenses that can make our ministry thrive!

Thank you for your generosity! You are helping us plant seeds in the hearts of all the young people that we minister to! More information about DYRT 100 is coming soon! God bless! 



9 supporters

$2,000 goal

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