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Our rescue received a call this afternoon about a 4 year old, sweet boxer boy, in distress.  His name is Rocky and he has been very very ill for the past few weeks.  He hasn't eaten since last Friday and has been vomiting frequently.  Small pieces of toys have been discovered in his vomit, leading the vet to believe he has an obstruction.  Rocky was surrendered to an ACO, who reached out to us to try and help him.  We hope it's not too late, but we absolutely have to try and save his life.  He is on his way to the ER where he will receive the care he so desperately needs.  It's been 2 long weeks of suffering and discomfort for him.  Please, if you can donate towards his care, we'd be very grateful.  If you can't donate, please send lots of good thoughts.  He's in tough shape.  We will post updates as we get them.  

Once he is out of surgery, we will start looking at homes for him.  He is reportedly the sweetest guy on the planet.  Stay tuned, and as always, THANK YOU for your continued support.  

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33 supporters

$4,000 goal

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