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Automated Donor Invites



Automated email sharing is the best and fastest way to meet your fundraising campaign goals without spending hours and hours doing 1-1 outreach. And it couldn't be simpler to set up

After joining a Fundraise or Events campaign, members will be able to drop in as many email addresses as they want to kick off an automated email sequence:

After an email address is submitted, Givebutter will immediately send an email to that person on your behalf that looks like this:

This is where the fun kicks in. We use intelligent link + email tracking to check if this person converts and donates to your campaign, and if they don't, we'll automatically send them reminders to do so! (note: we send up to 2 reminders, 3 days apart each)

Admins and members will get notified of any new donations they receive, and can check the status of their automated email campaign anytime (checkmark = donation received!):

Stay tuned: Text message (SMS) automation is coming soon! Send us a message if you'd like to be notified when it goes live 😎

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