Custom Quantities enable you to set a limit on the number of tickets that can be sold on a per ticket type basis. In more practical terms, this means you can limit the "inventory" for certain ticket types, such as VIP Tables, to only have 50 available in total. Once 50 VIP Tables are sold, that's it – no more!

How it Works

  • The total remaining tickets per type are displayed on each ticket option in the form (i.e. "36 remaining")
  • When there are less than 10 tickets remaining for a given ticket type, the text color will turn red
  • Once all the tickets for a given ticket type are gone, the text will say "SOLD OUT" and disable anyone from buying more of that ticket
  • Custom Quantities also factor in the overall Event Capacity, if one is set
  • You can't buy more than the remainder (i.e. if only 7 tickets are remaining, you can't buy 10)

There are so many things to like about Givebutter. The ease of which it has given our donors to give money to the school, the texting feature is fabulous for our younger tech-savvy doors and this platform is FREE!!! The customer support goes above and beyond on any issue or questions we may have as an organization and even helps us customize many of their features. Our strategic campaigns, such as Giving Day, has resulted in bringing in more money since we started using Givebutter. It truly has been a game-changer when it comes to raising money.

Chrissy Hughes

Advancement Services Officer

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