Payouts via Check


Receive your funds via a paper check in the mail
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Payouts via Check



We know how important it is for you to get the funds you raise quickly and securely, which is why we don't set any limits on when or how often you can withdraw, and provide a range of options for you to do so. Paper checks are great because all you need to receive them is a mailing address.

How it Works

  • All transactions are subject to a 72 hour "pending" period to protect both you and us from chargeback and fraud
  • After this period of time, transactions go into your "available balance"
  • You can withdraw your entire available balance at any time
  • The first time you request a check you'll need to add your mailing address, and after all you'll need to do is hit "Receive a paper check" in the payouts tab
  • You'll see a confirmation screen where you can add a memo to the check being sent
  • You can edit your mailing address anytime, and you can use this method to easily send funds to a beneficiary.
  • Checks are subject to standard shipping times and typically arrive within 5-7 business days

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