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NEW SUPER-STRETCH GOAL OF $40,000! Let's keep going and keep the Hotline open longer every day!


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Update #3: We just met our stretch goal and added a super-stretch goal of $40,000. Let's keep going!

Every dollar will give us the chance to keep the Hotline open longer each day, and the opportunity to reach more people to help them critically engage with the media they love. We have the power to change media together!

Update #2: your amazing support has helped us reach our goal faster than ever before! We've set a stretch goal of $35,000. 

Update #1: We reached the $5,500 goal matching challenge goal!

Thank you so much to our company match partners and the amazing donors who responded to it!


If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we have to fight for the things we believe in. When you’re a nonprofit, you have to have the resources to put up that fight. This year, our big plans - a spring launch for the Games and Online Harassment Hotline - were thwarted by the economic fallout of the pandemic. It’s taken time, but thanks to this community, we were able to raise the funds we needed to get the Hotline up and running.

We created the Hotline specifically for the gaming community. Whether you're a player, developer, streamer, competitor - any part of this community - we're here for you. 

The Hotline is needed even more now than when we first thought of it. While the pandemic pressure cooker continues, things will continue to be difficult physically, mentally and socially. The pressure on the gaming industry pressure is rising. Harassment and online abuse are actually on the rise. 

This month, our goal is to raise at least $25,000. With your help, we’ll start 2021 strong. With your help, we'll end 2021 with the ability not only to better support the gaming community,  but to help the industry itself begin to move past toxicity, misogyny, abuse and harassment.

Here's how we'll put your contributions to good use:

  • Keeping the Games and Online Harassment Hotline open to support the gaming community. 
  • Expanding the hours of the Hotline so that we can help more people, whenever they might need it.
  • Launching a leadership program within gaming companies that we hope will lead to industry-wide transformation. We’ll be working with company leaders to shed light on toxicity in their culture and designing an action plan with them that will help create safer and more representative environments. 
  • Continue Good Tips for Hard Times, a live-streamed interview series where we talk to smart people who have great advice to help you get through your days.
  • Our podcasts, videos, and articles that encourage viewers to critically engage with modern mass media and its relationship to gender, race, and sexuality.

If we want to support the gaming community and transform the gaming industry, we need your help. 

Donate today!

Campaign Ended


515 Supporters

105% of $40,000 goal

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