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Our goal: $20,000

We're focused on taking down toxicity in gaming culture. Every dollar you donate will give us the chance to keep the Games & Online Harassment Hotline open longer each day, and to work with gaming companies to help transform the industry. And, we'll be able to reach more people to help them critically engage with the media they love. 

Here's how we'll put your contributions to good use:

  • Keeping the Games and Online Harassment Hotline open to support the gaming community.

  • Expanding the hours of the Hotline so that we can help more people, whenever they might need it, and continue to add new features that improve the experience of reaching out for support.

  • Building a training program for leaders in the gaming industry designed to help them understand, intervene, and prevent gender-based harm in their studios, companies, and communities. The status quo incurs such high emotional, financial, and human costs: burnout, turnover, and trauma. We want to stop these problems where they start. 

  • Continuing to fill your airwaves with pop culture news, political chatter, and feminist media criticism through our podcasts, videos, livestreams, and articles that encourage critical engagement with modern mass media and its relationship to gender, race, and sexuality. 

And, your donation can be doubled! We have a matching pool of $15,000 from Landfall Games and Devolver Digital. Thank you to these forward-thinking companies that are investing in the health and safety of the gaming community.


If we want to support the gaming community and transform the gaming industry, we need your help. 

Donate today!

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366 Supporters

106% of $20,000 goal

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