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Don’t Go It Alone: Feminist Frequency’s 13th Birthday Campaign!

Our goal: $20,000

When we started making videos examining pop culture from a feminist perspective, a lot of people were *afraid* we would ruin video games. Thirteen years later, we're focused on taking down toxicity in gaming culture. Every dollar you donate will help us improve and promote the Games & Online Harassment Hotline, work with gaming companies to help transform the industry, and provide resources to gamers and game makers.

We are working to build a world free from the horror of abuse and toxicity and we need you on our team. Divided, we get picked off one by one. United, we will transform games to be the safe, inclusive space we know it can be.

Here's how we'll put your contributions to good use:

  • Games and Online Harassment Hotline support: Help us keep the Hotline available to anyone who needs it, when they need it, and make improvements - we want to make sure each and every person who texts in has the highest quality experience possible. This requires increasing our staff capacity and ongoing trainings for responders.
  • Awareness Raising: The hotline is now established and successful - we have capacity to take on more. We just need to make sure it is reaching people and that they know it’s here for them, and this takes work! If you’re reading this, you know about the Hotline, but we need to get it to other folks who don’t!
  • Support the Culture Shift Project - in partnership with Take This, our training program for gaming companies that leads to systemic industry-wide transformation. Support our work within games companies to shed light on toxicity in their culture and design action plans that will help create safer and more representative environments.
  • Build out the resource hub on our website so that can be an empowering educational toolkit for victims, survivors, targets, bystanders, and even for people who have caused harm to take steps to be better.
  • Continue to produce our podcasts, videos, and other resources that encourage viewers to critically engage with modern mass media and its relationship to gender, race, and sexuality.

If we want to support the gaming community and transform the gaming industry, we need your help.

Donate today!

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200 supporters

$20,000 goal

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EIN 46-3408143