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Campaign Ended

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Why Support Our Goats?

Our 12-member herd does so much around here, it's hard to keep up!

GREETERS - They are the Midtown Farm's 24/7 welcome committee, often racing to the fenceline to be the first to say hello. Nothing quite says bienvenido like a chorus of goat screams coupled with a few friendly head-butts!

FARMERS - If you've eaten our produce, you can thank the goats - their nitrogen-rich manure is what feeds the soil that feeds us.

THERAPISTS - If you've ever come to the farm feeling down, there's a good chance the goats helped you leave feeling better. Cute goats lined up shoulder to shoulder, noses eagerly pressed through the chain-link fence, tails raised high, just to see YOU! How can that not put you in a better mood?!

AMBASSADORS - Our goats are often the reason people start coming by the farm. Neighbors bring leftover watermelons and squashes. Kids stop and visit on their bike rides. And young families pile out of their cars after dinner, excited to see the goats before dark.

MILK MAIDS - The mamas share their milk for healthy butter, cheese, and soap.

BABIES – They make baby goats. Baby goats! Enough said.

LANDSCAPERS – They graze the land and help with invasive weed control.

PERFORMERS – Besides the entertainment value of their daily antics, the goats recently made a full-length, super-hip music video (GoatFundMe: The Music Video!).

Is there anything our goats can't do???

They give us so much – now’s our chance to give back.

Why a House?

Goats are pretty happy-go-lucky...until the rain starts. They do NOT like getting wet! When their fur gets soaked, it stops insulating their bodies from the cold. And on windy nights, the ramadas in their pen offer little protection. Our goats are among the most resilient of breeds (Nubian and Boer), but a warm place to snuggle into on icy cold nights would sure be nice. Given the changing weather patterns and temperature extremes, it's time to get them a house.

A steel shipping container is the ideal house because it will withstand sun, wind, and the goats themselves (they destroyed all the homemade houses we tried), it will keep them insulated and dry, and it will last for many years. We will install windows, an extra door, and an automatic fan so the house can double as a cool refuge in the triple-digit heat. 

Estimated Costs:

 $2500 - 20-ft shipping container + delivery 

(Update from Nov. 21: Turns out prices went waaaay up and the container will cost $3400 at best, so we're letting the Goatfundme momentum ride through the end of November to see if we can cover this extra cost.)

 $1100 - retrofit windows and extra door + welding

 $1000 - automatic exhaust fan + installation                     

   $800 - bedding for a year (for insulation and sanitation)

   $600 - budget for community workshops on goat husbandry

-$1100 - community donations from April 2021 (Thank you!)

$4900  = Total Amount Still Needed

*** Funds raised beyond house-related costs will be used to create a budget for veterinary expenses (something we've never had) and more youth workshops on goat-raising.

Luna and the Midtown Farm herd THANK YOU for your support!  Even small donations add up.

For more information about the Midtown Farm and the Flowers & Bullets Collective - https://www.flowersandbullets.com/

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In case you missed it on social media, here's a collection from... 

* * * The Midtown Farm Herd's Music Video Montage! * * * 

 Enjoy! :)

plus... The Goats' First Birthday Video! (<-- click here)

Campaign Ended

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Campaign Ended


134 Supporters

174% of $4,900 goal

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