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Support Rethink Food NYC and Smorgasburg to provide meals to communities in need

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Smorgasburg is excited to partner with Rethink Food NYC, a charitable organization dedicated to providing healthy meals to local communities experiencing food insecurity. During the COVID-19 crisis, the food safety net infrastructure in the US is collapsing as volunteer labor disappears. Simultaneously, many small businesses and restaurants are going out of business and laying off thousands of workers, increasing the strain on an already stretched system.

Rethink Food is working to rapidly operationalize Smorgasburg vendors and restaurants to produce meals for front line workers and local communities impacted by food insecurity. Not only will this provide more quality meals for communities in need, but will create dozens of jobs for unemployed workers in NYC.

Our fundraising goal of $500,000 will launch this initiative with at least 20 NYC Smorgasburg restaurants and vendors. This initial investment will produce over 250,000 meals and create more than 80 jobs to service New York City during the crisis. With plans to swiftly scale nationally, this is just the beginning of an exciting partnership.

We hope you will support this worthy organization during this unprecedented time. Please consider contributing -- any amount will help. 


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