Habitat Build in Kenya - June 2020


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Trinity Habitat for Humanity

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This is an opportunity to travel with purpose! Volunteers will be serving families who currently live in inadequate housing. What may seem small to us here in the United States, can be a game-changer for these families. When a family goes from a dirt floor to a concrete floor, it means they suffer less from respiratory health issues. When a family upgrades from a piecemealed shack to concrete walls and a metal roof, it means their family is safer! While the specifics of each project vary, the result is the same - a family living in a safer, healthier home!

Every dollar and volunteer hour goes so far in helping these families have better lives! Thank you for your support!

Watch this video to learn more about how Habitat Global Village Trips work:

Habitat for Humanity International is the largest home builder in the world, serving in more than 70 countries! Trinity Habitat for Humanity is the local affiliate serving the Greater Fort Worth Area. In 2019, in partnership with donors and volunteers, Trinity Habitat built 57 new homes and rehabbed more than 100 more! The majority of Trinity Habitat's work is local. However, because our volunteers love serving abroad, we've committed to leading several Global Village Trips every year. You can learn more about getting involved with Trinity Habitat locally at TrinityHabitat.org.



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