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We are so grateful for YOU and your support of the extraordinary leaders of the next generation!

For over 25 years, the Institute for Cultural Communicators' Ambassador program has provided an internship opportunity for students dedicated to their own personal and professional development - particularly in communication, leadership, and mentoring. Interns gain valuable real-world experience while serving alongside ICC Global and Area Leaders to promote and develop ICC opportunities for families around the globe.

Through the ICC Ambassador program, interns will:

  • Mentor and be mentored through advanced leadership training
  • Practice event planning and coordination
  • Offer help and encouragement to parents, teachers, and coaches
  • Work on real projects with multigenerational, multicultural teams
  • Produce live events in several countries around the globe
  • Bring together diverse groups of people around the idea that Christians should be people of influence
  • Make an impact that will influence thousands of next-generation leaders for Christ!

Thanks for supporting these Ambassadors! By doing so, you are providing vibrant transformation for thousands of students and coaches around the globe.

Please make sure to visit your Ambassador's page and hear their own story of transformation!

The Institute for Cultural Communicators is a non-profit organization with a training center in Murfreesboro, TN, an accounting office in Shaker Heights, OH, and a network of chapters and affiliated groups and schools in the US and over 20 countries.



270 supporters

$61,000 goal

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EIN 26-0721544