Project 2 - Fiberoptic Internet Service

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Libertas Christian School

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An important tool for any school, including Libertas, is reliable internet services. 

Libertas is located in the rural Beaverdam area of Hudsonville. Our internet providers are limited to one company. The service we are currently being provided is extremely inadequate for our needs, and that was before the need of remote learning! We are currently receiving the highest service available to us at 25M . That is barely acceptable for a home, let alone a school with over 30 teachers and many students! 

We have an opportunity to bring a fiberoptic line to Libertas.  The build will give us 500M service on an up-to-date fiberoptic line. This will make the lives of our faculty, staff, and students flow much easier. 

Will you partner with us to fund bringing fiberoptic internet service to Libertas? 



3 supporters

$16,000 goal

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