Support the 3-21 Caring and Sharing Challenge for Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Help us provide support, encouragement, and the gift of self-care to our DS-ASD families.


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It’s that time of year again! Can I get 21 of my friends to each donate $21??? 
Your donation will go to help this amazing organization help families like mine navigate this crazy life with the duel diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism. 
Honestly, I felt so alone until I discovered this amazing group of people. I am so very thankful for them and their support! Please Help me to help them 💙

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We are excited to bring back our 3-21 Caring and Sharing Challenge this October for Down Syndrome Awareness Month to honor and support families who have a loved one with co-occurring Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder (DS-ASD). We want our families who face this complex journey to know we care and that we are here to support them.

Did you know that an individual with Down syndrome can also have autism? Research suggests that up to 18% of the Down syndrome population also has a secondary diagnosis of autism.  The prevalence is 8 TIMES GREATER in the Down syndrome population and the male-to-female ratio is much higher than the ratio seen for autism in the general population. They often experience even greater challenges from autism when combined with the developmental difference of having Down syndrome. There is no question that this journey is very unique and complex, which is why our families need YOU! 

Please sign up as a 3-21 Challenge Team and help us show that we all care and want to share our love for others in need. And, as a special thank you for participating, the top 3 teams who raise the most funds will receive a beautiful spa gift basket. 

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The Down Syndrome – Autism Connection’s Story


We are full volunteer, parent-run organization that has been providing specialized education and support to families who have a loved one with co-occurring Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder since 2007. We are the only non-profit in the United States dedicated solely to this co-occurring diagnosis. We work collaboratively with parents, educators, field experts and health care providers to find real solutions to every day challenges.  

By partnering with us in this challenge, YOU are not only giving the gift of self-care, but YOU are also supporting our efforts to provide support, education and resources to families on this complex journey. These include printed educational materials, welcome kits for new families, conference workshops, webinars and on-line family support. 

On behalf of the Down Syndrome-Autism Connection, we thank you for making a difference in our families lives!




181 supporters

$7,000 goal

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