Help with Leo's not-so-routine procedure!

He needs to be neutered, but it's not that simple (or cheap)!


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I'm a feisty little cat with the heart of a lion!  I'm fearless and a survivor, but now I need to be ushered into becoming a true domesticated cat.  Unfortunately, the procedure isn't as simple as it normally is, and it will be more complicated and require more difficult surgery, and now my parents need help!

I met my parents when I was about two or three weeks old.  I was scraggly, scrawny, and injured. I had cuts and stiches behind my ear.  I was shaved, I needed twice daily antibiotics, and I was shakey.  Nobody knows what happened to me, and I was still too young to do anything myself and was separated from my mommy. Luckily, two lovely people took me into their home and bottle fed me around the clock, helped me go to the bathroom, kept me warm, and did everything normally my momma cat would teach me.  It was touch and go at first, but I'm a strong boy! Because of the way it healed, my ear will always be folded back.  But that's ok, it give me character, and it doesn't bother me at all :) . My hair grew back and and so fluffy, and now I spend my days playing/bugging my older brother and older sister, and scaring my parents anytime they walk around the corner!  I'm growing so fast it's scary!

But as I go from a little cat to a big cat, I'll need to get neutered just like my big brother did.  But the vet says that the procedure is a little more complicated for me, and it will be a much more serious surgery.  It will take longer to do, and it will take longer to heal.  My parents will need help paying for it.  TASP said they would help, but because it's more expensive, they will need help too!  Please donate whatever you can so I can become a big cat like my big brother Axl!



10 supporters

$450 goal

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