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September is leukodystrophy awareness month - help us raise funds to Lick Leukodystrophy!


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September is Leukodystrophy Awareness Month! As many of you know, at this time  last year, we thought our daughter had Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD). The United Leukodystrophy Foundation (ULF) was an extremely helpful source of information for us and helped us find the best doctors. Eventually, and thankfully, MLD was ruled out. Although our daughter has white matter abnormalities and developmental delays, her white matter was not deteriorating and her skills were not regressing -- as would typically be seen with a Leukodystrophy diagnosis. I was so touched by this devastating degenerative disorder and compelled to help, that I joined the Board to continue to support ULF, a great honor. Please join me in raising funds for this incredible organization. ULF supports leukodystrophy research, impacted families, and provides other valuable resources to the leukodystrophy community. Thank you for your support.

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September is leukodystrophy awareness month - and we want YOU to help us Lick Leukodystrophy! Start a team and tell your story to raise funds that will go towards our mission of hope for improved treatments and a cure.

Any amount raised will go further than you think, but we do encourage you to set a goal! The team that raises the most funds, and the team that has the most donors will get a special prize from the ULF!

Remember, you are not alone and the ULF community is not giving up. Together, we can Lick Leukodystrophy!

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92 supporters

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