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Ultimate Frisbee is a great way for students to get involved on campus at University of Idaho because we create a family and a team environment for students to thrive in. However, committing to the team becomes expensive for a college student, so many are unable to join due to the financial constraint. Between a 50 dollar membership to USA Ultimate (the governing body of competitive frisbee), tournament fees up to 30 dollars per tournament and gas money to travel all around the northwest, frisbee costs these students up to 500 dollars a year. With your help, we could cover these costs for students allowing them to stay active on campus and in the Frisbee community. 


jon rubertas made a donation

3 years ago


just know that this helps more then most people know. keep up the good work. see you this weekend

Jonny Robin made a donation

3 years ago


I had a couple financial things hit me really hard or else I'd donate more :)

Josh Rudolph received a new donation from Josh

3 years ago


To give someone the opportunity to throw all the hammers they want.

Michele made a donation

3 years ago


Keep Playing!!!

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