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The Importance of Tree Climbing

Written by Krysta, Lead Sprouts Preschool Teacher

Many adults will look at a tree and simply see a tree, nothing more, nothing less—to a child; however, a tree is an invaluable teacher providing opportunities for risky play, self-discovery, and resilience. The art of tree-climbing requires not only physical strength but also focus and concentration. Creative problem-solving comes into play as children plot and plan routes to climb towards the sky.

On a particularly warm winter day, as the trees were dripping and footholds were tenuous at best, the Sprouts listened to the birds as they climbed. A soundtrack of chickadee calls and flapping wings combined with wonder and curiosity leads naturally to questions: “I wonder what it is like to fly? Birds can fly; why can’t I?” As they grow and learn, they will reach an understanding, and the fascination with flight, for most, will subside. Until then, we let them climb, periodically checking in with each asking if they feel safe. So we can give them wings.

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68 supporters

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