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Northeast Elementary School


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Your Dollars at Work in Northeast Elementary School!

Your gift to MFEE fuels programs that support Northeast teachers, parents, and students. Northeast teachers have boosted their learning through out-of-the box Professional Development grants; families have participated in MFEE Programs like America to Me, the Healing Huddles, the You Got This! Conference; and students benefit from the innovative grants funded below

  • Document Camera for Remote Teaching
  • Socially "Conscious" Studies Curriculum
  • Kazoo Magazine Library Set
  • Anti-Racism and Social Justice Books
  • Personal Math Manipulatives Kits
  • History Alive!
  • Stand Up Desk/Alternative Work Station
  • Hokki Stools for Alternative Seating Options
  • Sensory Writing
  • Calling All Writers!
  • Drop the Mic & Move those Feet!: A Sensory Math-nasium
  • Global Bazaar Project
  • Seating Sense for Second Graders
  • Seating Sense for Special Education
  • G’day Mate! 3rd Grade Sensory Stations: Flexi-Chairs
  • Artists in the Field
  • Second Language learning through Theater and Puppetry
  • Special Kids in School.
  • Ez-Up Tabletop Desks
  • Mindfulness Fundamentals
  • Ready, Relevant, Resourceful Professional Development for Art Educators!
  • Sensory fun to increase focus and concentration
  • Leveled Library Books
  • Flexible seating
  • Privacy Desk Dividers
  • Notable African American Wax Museum
  • Focus and Creativity Pods
  • Bucket Filling Bins (aka calm down kits)
  • Hokki Stools for Alternative Seating Options
  • Standing Table for Alternative Work Space Options
  • iPads to Enhance Student Growth
  • Meaningful Morning Tubs and Centers
  • Physical Education equipment to Enrich K-5th grades
  • Reading Kits for additional literacy support
  • Books for Cozy Corner- Library for 2 classes
  • Purposeful Reading Leveled Literacy Library
  • Meeting the Standards with Nonfiction and Informational Texts - Fifth Grade
  • High Interest Fiction for Almost Tweens! - Fifth Grade
  • "Wiggle While You Work!” - Alternative Seating to Increase Student Focus
  • Kleen Slate Across the Board - Individual Whiteboards to Maximize Student Participation
  • Splash Math - Software and Database for Enriching and Tracking Math Progress
  • Revitalizing Physical Education Equipment to Promote Fitness
  • Math Centers - Making Math Come Alive
  • Classroom Library Enhancement - Engaging Children’s Literature to Hook Reluctant
  • Readers Ipads to Enhance Student Growth - Early Elementary
  • Razz Kids - Online software to promote multi-disciplinary learning
  • Strengthening Our Social Emotional Toolbox

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Their world has changed dramatically.

Our children face new challenges in an uncertain landscape.

And still, they shine.

Because you give them the tools & schools they need to thrive - 

not just survive.

You fund innovative teaching resources. For them.

You fuel rich learning experiences. For them.

You fund vital technology and the know-how for navigating it. For them.

You deepen racial literacy and a richer understanding of equity. For them.

You nurture their emotional and mental health. For them.

You do this for them. 

Because they will make the world better for us.



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Learn more about PEEPs.


Learn more about the News and Social Media Literacy Pilot.


Learn more about the Greenwald Professional Development grants.


Learn more about Healing Huddles.



249 supporters

$65,000 goal

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