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Your Dollars at Work in Bradford Elementary School!

Your gift to MFEE fuels programs that support Bradford teachers, parents, and students. Bradford teachers have boosted their learning through out-of-the box Professional Development grants; families have participated in Montclair Learning Circles on Race and Navegadores Escolares; and students benefit from the innovative grants funded below.

  • Zones of Regulation and Social Thinking
  • Enhancing Reading Workshop: Make Best Use of Explicit, Systematic Phonics, Small Group (Grades K-2)
  • Magnifying Glasses
  • Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping
  • Calm Connect: "calm the nervous system and build a bridge to the social world"
  • DIstance Learning using Kami
  • Diversified Classroom Library
  • Storyworks for Grade 3
  • Enriching Students Lives with Book Chat
  • All Hands on Deck for Math and Science!
  • Art Room Ipads
  • Book Chat Books and seats
  • Flexible Seating for All
  • Book Chat
  • Let's Read Together
  • Mythology Unit
  • Taking Stem To The Next Level With Legos
  • Dedicated to Diversity: Increasing the Diversity of Children's Literature in Our Classrooms
  • Skillstreaming for Social Skills
  • Teachers Undoing Racism Now (TURN)
  • Self-Regulation & Social Thinking Curricula
  • Sounds Sensible- A Phonological Awareness Program for Struggling Readers
  • Mindfulness Fundamentals
  • 2020 Annual Conference
  • Motivation, Mindset and Grit: Practical, Proven Strategies to Increase Learning
  • Intervention Strategies, Tips for Math Coaches, & Differentiated Instructional Math Strategies
  • Reducing Recurring Classroom Behavior Problems: Best Practices to Reduce Classroom behaviors, Boost On-task behavior & increasing learning
  • ISTE Annual Conference
  • Diverse Children's Literature in the Classrooms
  • Star Power - Use & Abuse of Power, Leadership & Diversity
  • Civil War Diorama
  • Who Was Book Library
  • Grade Level Graphic Books
  • Art Room IPads
  • Big Buddies program
  • Text to Life Connections: Learning Social and Emotional Skills Through Literature
  • Bob Books- Early Decodable Readers
  • Bradford ELA Grade 5 Community of Inquiry through Literature
  • Journey Across America: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Geography, Math, Science, and Writing
  • Social Studies/Science Books to enrich curriculum
  • Sensory Solutions for an Inclusive Classroom
  • Flexible Seating for 3rd grade
  • Books to Boost Early Literacy Skills for Children who Struggle
  • Flexible Seating in Technology Lab
  • Individual Dry Erase Boards for Skills
  • Lindamood Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing PD Workshop
  • Smart But Scattered: Executive Dysfunction at Home and at School PD Workshop (2 Teachers)
  • Books That Heal Kids Social Emotional Resource
  • Heat Up Learning with Kindle Fires
  • 2nd Language Learning Through Videomaking
  • Listening Libraries: Gateway to Rich Literature
  • Ipads Beyond the Screen - Making the Most of Osmo Software
  • Strengthening Auditory Memory and Sequencing - HearBuilder!
  • Storage Pouches Build Organizational Skills
  • Literacy Intervention Materials
  • Books for 5th Grade Book Groups
  • Take a Break Box - Materials to Help Kinder Students with Fine Motor Skills & Managing Emotions
  • Gaga Court: School-wide equipment to engage all Physical, Strategic & Collaborative Play

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**Donations are still being matched!  Thanks to a generous pledge from the Placek family, all donations will be matched up to $25,000!**

For almost two years, their world has been full of uncertainty.

Our children continue to face challenges in an ever changing landscape.

And still, they shine.

Because you give them the tools & schools they need to thrive -
not just survive.

Whether they are the third generation to attend Montclair Public Schools or the very first generation to learn English, you enrich our town's public education. For them.

You fund innovative teaching resources. For them.

You fuel rich learning experiences. For them.

You fund vital technology and the know-how for navigating it. For them.

You deepen racial literacy and a richer understanding of equity. For them.

You nurture their emotional and mental health. For them.

You do this for them.

Because they will make the world better for us.

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Donate over $150, and we will thank you with an MFEE T-shirt.

Donate over $250, and we will thank you with a custom MFEE Hydroflask coffee mug.



478 supporters

$100,000 goal

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