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Your Dollars at Work in Glenfield Middle School!

Your gift to MFEE fuels programs that support Glenfield teachers, parents, and students. Teachers have boosted their learning through out-of-the box Professional Development grants; families have participated in Montclair Learning Circles on Race, PEEPs and Navegadores Escolares; and students benefit from the innovative grants funded below.

  • Persepolis - A graphic novel to teach social equality and diversity
  • Facilitating a comfortable reading program environment for our struggling readers
  • Classroom Fidgets
  • Adaptive Seating
  • Screen Printing Kits
  • Fun Digital Library with Flangoo
  • Digital Scientific Balances to Teach Mass
  • Stand up Desk
  • Flexible Seating To Engage Students
  • Restoration Station - a place for staff to reset, meditate, regulate and practice self-care
  • GSA - Dragging the time away! 
  • Remote Quiz / Flashcard Software
  • Art Education During Remote Instruction
  • When the day is a drag!
  • SEL with Socially Distant Dance
  • Perfection Learning
  • Sewing 101 - TO GO!
  • Snap Circuits for Energy Lessons
  • Using high interest fiction to increase reading interest of nonreaders
  • Enhancing the learning experience through technology and comfort
  • Providing Stability and Articulation for Dancer Achievement
  • Posture Chairs for the Healthy Singer
  • Nonfiction Research Project
  • Graphic Novel Illustrated
  • Power to the People! Introducing Power Tools to STEAM Students
  • Glenfield Poetry Slam
  • Self-Contained Class
  • From the Perspective of a Middle School Teeen
  • Shakespeare Teacher's Institute
  • High interest books for struggling readers
  • Standing Desks
  • Little Free Library - Glenfield Edition
  • Flexible Seating and fidgets
  • FunBuzzer materials
  • Whiteboards for Science
  • Purchasing Kits for the Glenfield Robotics Club
  • Chinese board games to support language studies
  • The Character Project SEL
  • Glenfield Spin Class Peloton Bikes
  • Flip it Fridays! Lesson Project
  • Chasing Lincoln's Killer Book Class Set
  • Classroom Standing Desks (2 grants)
  • Lego Robot Kits for the Glenfield Robotics Team
  • Graphic Novels - Drop Everything and Read
  • Introducing Experimental Evidence into Climate Change Lessons
  • Creating Change Conference on LGBTQ Social Justice Movement
  • Flourish to Nourish Program to Develop Self-Esteem
  • Take a Stand! - Standing Desks for 7th Grade House to Improve Student Focus
  • Updating Middle School Fiction and Nonfiction Trade Books
  • Focus Tools - Fidget Materials to Improve Student Focus
  • Audio Equipment to Enhance Read 180 - Computer-based reading program for struggling readers
  • You Don't Know Me Until You Know Me - School-Wide Empathy-Building, Leadership Dev. Program
  • Empty Bowls - Glenfield Art & Cooking Together for a Cause; Ceramic Bowls and Soup for MESH
  • Mindfulness Materials to Promote Student Success and Family Involvement
  • Lighting Up the Middle School Energy Unit!
  • Storm the Castle: Building a Stone Wall; Materials to Support New STEAM Programming
  • New Digital Camera for Glenfield Primetime and Student Film Courses/Experiences
  • Bringing Chemical Reactions to Life: Exploring Types of Chemical Reactions
  • Stopwatches for Science Experiments
  • Classroom Standing Desks for 7th Grade House to Improve Student Focus
  • CrossFit, TRX - Innovative Equipment to Enhance Fitness Courses
  • Invisible Art & Poetry Materials
  • Makerspace Engineering Project - Materials to Support for New STEAM Programming
  • NJ Science Teachers Convention Fees for Science Teachers Who Presented
  • Foreign Language Educators of NJ Annual Conference for Multiple Spanish, French and Mandarin Teachers

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For almost two years, their world has been full of uncertainty.

Our children continue to face challenges in an ever changing landscape.

And still, they shine.

Because you give them the tools & schools they need to thrive -
not just survive.

Whether they are the third generation to attend Montclair Public Schools or the very first generation to learn English, you enrich our town's public education. For them.

You fund innovative teaching resources. For them.

You fuel rich learning experiences. For them.

You fund vital technology and the know-how for navigating it. For them.

You deepen racial literacy and a richer understanding of equity. For them.

You nurture their emotional and mental health. For them.

You do this for them.

Because they will make the world better for us.

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Donate over $150, and we will thank you with an MFEE T-shirt.

Donate over $250, and we will thank you with a custom MFEE Hydroflask coffee mug.



478 supporters

$100,000 goal

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