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Ginkgos Blossom; Hope Endures


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Extended Goal Update

Thank you to everyone who has helped make our Gala Celebration a great success.  As we discussed during the program, our minimum goal was to raise $75,000 -- an amount our donors have now surpassed. We also mentioned during the gala that we are hopeful we can continue raising funds towards our extended goal of $100,000.  Producing quality video programs requires a major investment, and charitable donations help us manage the difference in ticket revenue between recorded and live concerts. We are working hard to make the most of this opportunity and to create a permanent legacy of music that can inspire and entertain you many times over the coming years. Please help us give voice to the voiceless. Please help Music of Remembrance to create music to remember. 


Hosted by beloved actor Curt Branom and MOR’s visionary founder and artistic director Mina Miller -- with MOR’s extraordinary artists joined by special guest performers and composers. Watch musical highlights, plus the world premieres of new works that composers Lori Laitman and Tom Cipullo have created for this celebration. Along the way, we have some memorable surprise appearances.

Ginkgos Blossom; Hope Endures

Ginkgo trees near the center of the atomic blasts in Hiroshima survived the inferno because of their resilience and deep roots, sprouting new leaves within days. The survivor trees have come to represent the Endurance of Hope.

MOR’s roots in our community are deep, our resilience strong. But we need your help to sprout new leaves.

Please join our online celebration. By supporting our work, you’re also supporting our extraordinary performers and sustaining our arts community at this challenging time.

By supporting our mission, you’re making it possible for us to tell stories of hope and courage that are so needed in today’s world. MOR performs music that matters – now more than ever.

Our Three Funds Supported by the Gala

Our 2020/21 Online Gala Celebration is raising money for three key funds in support of our work at Music of Remembrance:
  • Our Artist Fund helps us support local musicians.
  • The Online Programs Fund provides resources for our new streaming channel as well as recording our concerts and producing other programs.
  • Finally, MOR's New Commissions Fund aids in underwriting original musical programs.

Artist Fund

By supporting our work, you’re also assisting our extraordinary performers and sustaining our arts community at this challenging time. We are honored that we get to play a small role in supporting musicians and composers.  Most professional musicians make their living with live performances. Those performances have simply disappeared. So, we are so excited that we are bringing concerts back even if they are virtual for now. The Artist Fund helps us do this.

Our players are so enthusiastic to be playing for an audience again -- even a virtual one. We deal with emotional content at the best of times, but there has been a special feeling this time around during our rehearsals. In addition to the joy of playing again, we are aware that ghosts of the past echo in some of the headlines of today.

Online Programs Fund

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he thought one of its main uses would be to listen to live music from a distance. While this didn't happen, recordings permit performances to span not just distance, but time. Creating music that spans the years -- pulling the past into the present and the future, is the mission of Music of Remembrance. And so, we are inspired to make the most of our move to digital events. We have launched a new streaming channel and an Online Programs Fund to reach a broader audience.

New Commissions Fund

MOR has commissioned pathbreaking new works to share untold stories, like the Nazi persecution of homosexuals in Jake Heggie's 'For a Look or a Touch' that we'll bring back in an inspiring new production later in the season, or the tales of children seeking refuge across the waters that we'll premiere in our upcoming concert -- Stormy Seas by composer Sahba Aminikia. They also create a lasting legacy that touches people across the years and around the world.

Over the years, Music of Remembrance has produced more than thirty original works. This is a tremendous undertaking, especially for a small musical organization. Major new works typically cost $25,000 to $50,000 each. Our New Commissions Fund plays a key role in making this major financial commitment possible. Sunday's Online Gala will help us raise funds for the New Commissions Fund. We hope you will join us. You can also subscribe to our online concert season to see and hear 'Stormy Seas' and all of this year's concerts on the Music of Remembrance Streaming Channel.

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199 supporters

$75,000 goal

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