The NDA 97th President's Inaugural Gala Fundraising Campaign for the NDA and Student Scholarships

The NDA 97th President's Inaugural Gala Fundraising Campaign is concluded and the Goal was surpassed!


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Please take time to view the Gala.  See the link below!

The URL for the new playlist with both the NDA 97th President's Inaugural Reception Gala is:

Over 107 years, the National Dental Association (NDA) has promoted oral health equity among people of color through patient care, scholarships, mentorships, and community outreach. The Sacramento Society of the NDA is a nonprofit (501 (C) 3) organization and NDA Chapter that raised funds for the National Dental Association and dental students who are committed to dedicating their careers to the vulnerable, marginalized and low-income in under-resourced communities.  

On January 1, 2021, Dr. Pamela Alston began her term as the 97th NDA President with the passion to champion the NDA's mission to advocate for quality oral health care to marginalized communities. She is dedicated to encouraging dental and dental hygiene graduates to locate to under-resourced to improve the oral health status of the underserved. That includes working in community clinics, hospitals, private practice, dental schools, governmental agencies, and the prison system. But the high cost of a dental education limits options for students when they must focus on paying off their educational debt after they complete dental school!

During this campaign, fundraisers reached out to their peers and raised funds for scholarships for student dentists, dental hygiene students, dental assisting students and for the National Dental Association. 

The NDA received funds to assist in its financial sustainability into the new year.  The Gala Fundraising Committee has transitioned to the Scholarship Committee. A dental student at each of the California dental schools will be awarded approximately $10,000 in scholarship towards their $300,000-$400,000 in debt upon graduating from a school of dentistry.  In addition, dental hygiene and dental assisting students will receive scholarships.   

You made a difference. Thank you!

Stay tuned.  We will notify you of the student scholarship recipients and how the scholarship aid will assist them in achieving their dreams to contribute to the oral health improvement of communities in need.

For gift receipt purposes, your donation to the Sacramento Society of the National Dental Association, Inc., tax identification number 47-4021436, qualified as a federal tax-exempt non-profit corporation under IRS section 501(c)( 3). Under Internal Revenue Service guidelines, the entire amount of your donation was tax-deductible; no goods or services were provided by the Sacramento Society of the National Dental Association in return for your contribution.



330 supporters

$80,000 goal

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