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The backbone of Parkes Philanthropy is its talented Consultants, a collective of dynamic individuals who have each demonstrated the commitment and ability to create change through a lifelong career dedicated to positive social impact. For every partner engagement, Parkes Philanthropy builds customized, interdisciplinary teams, and provides oversight and management needed for flawless execution.

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Parkes Philanthropy

For the last ten years, Co-Founders, Brandon and Anna have worked towards transformative impact in their own spaces; Brandon in the corporate philanthropy sector and Anna in nonprofit management and education. Working in the social sector was meaningful, but they saw too much of a tiresome trend: old and standardized solutions to new and adaptive problems. There simply wasn’t enough innovation, passion, or downright eagerness to meet the challenges of a changing world head on. They knew there was more to give – and they wanted to give it!

Parkes Philanthropy was born out of a desire to channel the skill and raw enthusiasm of a generation into tangible, meaningful change. They began recruiting top tier experts dedicated to improving our world, specializing in everything from nonprofit management to corporate philanthropy to the public sector. The team at Parkes Philanthropy is qualified, capable, and most importantly, energized and ready to meet anything that comes their way.

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Givebutter is the fastest-growing new fundraising platform for groups, teams, companies and nonprofits to collect online donations, set up fundraising pages, and sell tickets to events — all built on top of a free, self-service platform with industry-low transaction fees and no monthly cost. More than 10,000 organizations rely on Givebutter's next-generation fundraising tech.

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