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Dear Pine Islanders,

As I rapidly approach the 50th anniversary of my first boat ride across Great Pond and footsteps on Pine Island, very few self-descriptions give (and have given me) me as much pride as declaring “I am a Pine Islander!” Over these decades bearing that honorable label, many people to whom I have mentioned my camp affiliation have never heard of our small and humble institution, but that is always okay with me. I simply conclude: “I have new audience to hear me extol the virtues of PIC!” Our camp has so many virtues, far too many to reflect upon here, so today I will choose only one. Most recently, I cannot think of Pine Island without immediately coming to the phrase “lifelong companion,” or something akin to that. I suspect many of you feel the same way.

For so many fortunate girls and boys, summer camp is a unique, fun and challenging experience. Overnight camps may be especially formative, as the campers are likely enjoying (and sometimes enduring) their first experiences away from the comfort and security of their families and home. While that was certainly the case for me – and my four summers as a camper were among the most fun and fulfilling of my life – what I never expected after moving on from the camper ranks was the many other connections I would continue to have with PIC throughout my lifetime as a counselor, weekend volunteer, parent and uncle of sons, nieces and a nephew who attended and worked at PIC, board member, and now board chair, to say nothing of many lifelong friendships forged at PIC. All of you receiving this letter have likely experienced at least one, if not many, of these same connections to Pine Island, and I trust you share with me the deep feelings of gratitude for the gifts we have received, and continue to receive, throughout our lives as Pine Islanders.

One of the many ways the Pine Island community continues to express its appreciation for, and support of, the camp is through your generous financial donations to the organization. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, Sumner Ford and his camp staff, and, most importantly, current and future Pine Island campers, I sincerely thank all of you who gave to PIC last year. If you haven’t given yet, it’s not too late. 

As I reflect on what it means to me to say, “I am a Pine Islander,” two passwords that are given near the end of each PIC season come to mind – “Take Pine Island with You” and “Pine Island Always Wins!” It is moving and wonderful that so many of you have taken Pine Island with you, far and wide. To be sure, Pine Island wins again.

Akka Lakka!

Benjamin L. Hincks
Board Chair


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