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Dear Pine Islanders,

It's the time of year for crisp air and cold dips in the lake, and for the hills around Great Pond to become a colorful mosaic. It's also the time of year when I begin to receive annual appeals - like this one I am sending to you.  I consider the significance of each institution and the opportunity to impact these places that have so affected me.  Pine Island is, of course, one of the most influential places in my life.  Many roads I would later choose in life were available because of Pine Island.  My love of the outdoors, independence, resilience, and loyalty are qualities that Pine Island drew out of me.  I am in a unique position - Pine Island's daily impact on me is still significant - but I also see its effects on others.

Every day at camp I see Pine Island's impact on our campers.  When they decide to come to Pine Island, they sign up for challenges — tough trips, rainy days pulling on oars, living together, and entertaining each other without screens.  The boys who attended Pine Island this summer jumped into every activity with vigor and excitement.  Their ability to partake in the long tradition of Pine Island occurred this summer thanks to the combined efforts of a host of loyal Pine Islanders.  Our Shortfall Committee created the Shortfall Campaign, and subsequently a record-breaking number of donors helped see Pine Island through a year with no tuition revenue. Countless volunteers helped to set up the island and shake the dust off after a summer without campers for the first time in 119 years.  Those who made generous gifts valued their time at Pine Island and understood the importance of Pine Island to future generations.

As I look ahead at an everchanging world, I grow more and more appreciative of an experience that doesn't change – the feel of wooden oars on calloused hands, the satisfaction of tying a perfect bowline to secure your boat to a tree, listening to the pitter-patter of rain on canvas – in short, living in a place free of the racket of our plugged-in world so boys can just be themselves.  

I hope that as a Pine Islander you value these things, too.  Not only for yourself, but for the Pine Islanders of the future.  We rely on those who have passed through Pine Island to continue providing the gift of the Pine Island experience.  

Today, I am asking you to give to Pine Island's Annual Fund.  No matter the size of your contribution, your gift will have an impact and help enrich the lives of Pine Islanders for years to come.

Thank you and Akka Lakka!

Sumner Ford


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