2022 Sloper Plunge


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Justin Hubeny


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I have been working at YMCA Camp Sloper for the past 18 years. I have been the Camp Director for the past 5 years. Over my 18 years I have seen YMCA Camp Sloper positively impact thousands and thousands of campers and families! YMCA Camp Sloper is a place where campers can be themselves, make connections with other campers and positive adult role models, as well as experiencing new things, learning and developing skills, and making memories that last a liftime. I believe that all kids deserve the opportunity of a YMCA Camp Sloper experience and by donating to my Sloper Plunge page you are helping make that happen for children who wouldn't otherwise be able to. 

Thank you so much for your donation and the impact you are making on children and families. 

Justin Hubeny - YMCA Camp Sloper - Camp Director


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Southington-Cheshire Community YMCAs

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Join us for the coolest fundraiser in town! Each year, hundreds of community leaders and volunteers from both Southington & Cheshire jump into the Sloper Pond to raise money for local children in need to have the opportunity to have the camp experience!



1.7k supporters

$80,000 goal

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