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Sovereign Women is a brand new grass roots non partisan gender critical movement dedicated to direct action in fighting for the preservation of women and girls sex based rights. We chose Washington to hold our first event not only because it is our home but more importantly because most recently; In Washington state, the policy of allowing biological men who say they are women into women's prisons has resulted in rape. 

The mission of Sovereign Women to land upon the doorsteps of not just this state but others to come, and they will come, one by one given this new freedom into women’s most vulnerable spaces. Standing by while women are raped in their own prisons by men claiming to be women is not an option. We should not be forced to fight for what is rightfully ours but we have no choice. We must call our love to action and speak for the women with no voices. 

We are selling 200 tickets to bring together dedicated warriors to bring light to the webbed out damage the trans ideology has created.  Just wait until you see what we have in store for Saturday! We have put so much strategic planning into this event in attempts to be heard and aired by media. On Sunday we have our Sovereign Women Speak panel with brilliant gender critical women giving a full analysis on the break down of each harmful facet brought on by the trans take over. 

We kept the ticket price affordable in order to allow as many women possible to attend as we need all hands on deck. Tickets sales will cover much but with the line up of 10 speakers we are reaching out to community for help to make this epic event come to life. We have taken the time to accumulate three bids on all services and venues to draw up a cost analysis. Finding people to work with us was not easy-it took many phone calls to find companies who support our cause. Despite this we have secured our media, film crew, security, buses, boats, hotel, ballroom, speakers, and all venues. We also have miscellaneous cost such as Costco, signs, banners, rental equipment, musician, secretarial and tax accountant services, etc. We are fully transparent on how your donations will be utilized. 

Your donation is much appreciated in helping us reach our goal. 

Thank you! 

With Love and Gratitude,

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6 supporters

$17,000 goal

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