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Wine and Food Night!

If you are not able to attend my wine and food night, please consider donating to our $5,000 goal! If we hit our goal, the entire amount will be matched by a generous donor! This means if you donate $200, it will be matched to $400!!

I am doing this to change lives! This organization really means a lot to me. I have known Daphne and her family for a long time and have watched this nonprofit grow! Their model of sustainability is what really intrigued me. Together, we really can create a difference and change lives like Humans for Education did for Lilian Kosen.

Lilian Kosen had her entire life changed when her school partnered with Humans for Education. Lilian is the second born child. Her older sister was married at an early age since the family was unable to pay for educational or living expenses.

By partnering with Humans for education, Lilian was able to receive the scholarship she needed. This partnership between Humans for Education and Destiny Shaper means that Lilian and her classmates will not need to be married young and they will have all they need to be successful students!



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Lovely evening with wonderful ladies supporting an incredible cause! Thanks for including me!

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