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Ever wonder if a single bike ride can alter the course of a young person’s life? By supporting Ride 4 Youth, you will be helping over 2,500 local youth get the mental health support they need in the coming year.

Too many young people are feeling the effects of the past 18 months: uncertainty, social isolation, mental health struggles, and unstable housing.

United Action for Youth (UAY) has been providing support to youth and families in Johnson County since 1970. UAY is a local, arts-based youth organization that provides mental health, advocacy, stable housing and enrichment programs for young people throughout the Corridor. Our mission is to nurture the potential of all youth to CREATE, GROW & SUCCEED.

This is how we roll.

For the 9th year in a row, Ride 4 Youth is being coordinated by a group of volunteer med students who are part of the Lois Boulware Learning Community at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. 100% of your contribution to Ride 4 Youth will support youth and families through direct programs and services. Your gift will inspire young people to discover new routes in life, helping them to Keep. Moving. Forward.

Always forward, despite the challenges.

Want to do more than give a gift or support a Ride 4 Youth Super Star? To participate in this year's Ride 4 Youth, please register by visiting: www.ride4youth.org

To learn more about the services UAY offers to youth and families, visit www.unitedactionforyouth.org.

Special thanks to this year’s presenting sponsor, United Iowa Financial.



70 supporters

$10,000 goal

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