Rogue Blades Foundation

Putting Heroics into Reading!









Rogue Blades Foundation (RBF) is a not-for-profit literary publisher of all that is heroic.

RBF seeks to identify, promote, and perpetuate an open exchange of heroic ideals connecting the world’s youth and future leaders across cultures, nationalities, eras, and genders. RBF strives to encourage a love of the written word and to foster the bonds of communal ideals while facilitating a more vibrant literary community locally and globally. RBF recognizes that writing must appeal--it must either be intellectually stimulating or emotionally provocative, though preferably both--in order to deliver real-life, practical heroic values such as loyalty, ethics, courage, credibility, integrity, steadfastness, stewardship, responsibility, leadership, and love. As publishers of heroics from the factual to the fantastical and the historical to the inspirational, we are delivering on our tagline "Putting Heroics into Reading!" by putting heroes in print into the hands of readers and leaders. As a non-profit organization, we are pursuing our vision of the universal embrace of the heroic good found through the written word with your encouragement and support.