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Support Victims of the Horrific Volcanic Eruptions and Tsunami in Tonga!

Eighty Four Percent of the Population of Tonga Affected and Majority of the Victims Lost All.


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On Saturday, January 15th, 2022. At approximately 5pm local time. No Warnings! No Sirens! And the total population flee for life when Hunga-Tonga and Hunga-Ha'apai volcanoes erupted like a bomb and instantly tsunami hits. These poor folks ran for higher ground and climbing trees as their safe haven. The main islands of Tonga are flat and supposed waves came over 10 feet high; the whole islands would be submerged. The volcano erupted, tsunami slowly rushing in land and people tried to escape in a panic situation. Shortly from all the confusion the acid rains started coming down from the sky. Fear drove people everywhere with no direction given. Volcanic ashes and lava rocks were the horrible reality when the evening settled. Volcanic ashes and lava rocks covered the whole of Tonga like black tar. Our agriculture and ocenanic livelihood were totally destroyed. Water and PPE's suddenly became the most critical needs of the entire population. The destruction of this Island Kingdom of Tonga is huge and tremendous. The rebuild process will take years. We would appreciate any given support to help with this cause. 

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United Nations Pacific Islanders Federation (UNPIF)