Shooting for Sisters

Using Basketball to Build a Roof of Love


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There is one thing in basketball you always love to do and can continue to do long after the old body wears out - SHOOT THE ROCK! That is WHAT this fundraiser is. Multi-teams shooting, and shooting, and shooting some more for 60 minutes to benefit a great cause. Oh…and we are handing out prizes as well! So whether you are the one shooting or you’re partnering financially with a shooter…thank you! You are making a difference. So find those old teammates, or current teammates, or old rivals that you’ve always wanted to compete with and not against and have some fun. YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Saturday, October 30 - sometime before 8:00 pm (central time).

Your team captain will let you know.

Our hope is to raise $25,000. That’s 25 teams each raising $1,000.


Creating Spiritual and Physical Roofs for Vulnerable Women

Love bears all things. (I Corinthians 13:7a)

"bears"- from a Greek root word that literally means "roof"

The visual picture of love as a roof is a daily challenge to our lives on planet earth. Roofs cover. Roofs protect. Roofs create a safe space away from the harsh elements outside. We are so grateful for a God that has offered a roof over us. The life of Jesus extends to us a roof of love to come as we are and to find rest in him. And then in that protected space of belonging he beckons us to become all that his sacrifice purchased for us. Our hearts for Raising Sisters is that we follow the heart of Jesus and offer roofs of love for people who need a space to rest, heal, learn, regress, restart, forgive, grow.

Our work with women re-entering society from prison has been such a great practice of offering a spiritual roof to people who need it. This work has also shown us there is a significant need for more than just a spiritual roof; many of these women need a physical roof over their heads. Raising Sisters has sensed a strong leading by the Spirit for some time now that God is asking us to step into that need and we are taking the steps to do so. We are trusting God for a home, a physical roof, where the work of offering a spiritual roof can happen. At this point we don't know where this roof is...but God does. So we are taking little steps of faith forward, including this campaign, trusting God will bring it all together in the perfect timing of a perfect God. Thank you for participating in Shooting for Sisters. Your work is making a difference! Help us build a roof!



37 supporters

$25,000 goal

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