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Diego has been waiting a long time for the day to come.

On July 12, Diego’s social and educational gateway—the STARability Foundation—will bring back a full schedule of classes and activities … in person.

The day will mark the first time in 16 months that he’ll be with his STAR friends and instructors face to face.


Diego feels like he belongs when he’s creating a design in art class or learning job skills at a restaurant, surrounded by STAR friends. He’s happy and productive.

These connections are critical for people like Diego who have intellectual or developmental disabilities.

And now, you can ensure that a STAR participant who thrives with in-person connections has a day filled with engaging activities and classes.

Your gift can do so much for a STAR like Diego who relies on face-to-face experiences to feel included and a part of the community.

• A $20 gift provides 2 art classes to a STAR

• $40 provides a season of baseball

• An $80 gift provides 2 full days of life skills classes and community-based experiences for 1 Trailblazer Academy participant.

• $160 funds vocational training for 1 STAR at the STAR*Made Studio

 $320 sponsors enrollment fees for 4 STARs for a year


Social connections and continuing education are vital for our STARs. That’s because individuals with disabilities are often excluded from the community and the experiences that make life richer.

Diego blossoms around people.

He enjoys taking art classes, walking in fitness sessions and making candles in vocational training. Attending a live show with his fellow STARs can make him so happy that he smiles and mentions the experience over and over.


Like other STARs, Diego wants to be with his friends.

He can’t wait until that special day in July when he can see everyone in person again.

Your generous gift can create purpose in Diego's day and help him experience the richness of life.

And you’ll bring a smile to his face.

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